About Us

We are Food Strategists.
We use our extensive knowledge, networks and commitment to food integrity to assist our clients to get their products to market.
We use our food safety knowledge to help keep consumers safe in market.
Knowing your food product or knowing your market is not enough - you need a strategic approach to ensure that your food production systems remain relevant and safe.
Our work is built on a foundation of integrity.

What We Do

We work with selected food exporters - developing a programme to position their product in market. This programme is based on a commitment to food safety and a commitment to authenticity. We take a systems based approach to getting their safe product to market, safely. We don't work with cowboys.
We work with food importers - helping them understand the qualities of the imported food product and ways to make its journey from producer to importer a safer one.
We work with food producers to help them produce safe and high quality food - we offer them an opportunity to join an elite membership programme - one that demands a high standard of entry.  Through site assessments, tailored education programmes and food safety mentoring, our aim is to leave behind a food safety culture that is self-sustaining and self-improving, and recognised as such.

We understand the needs of consumers and know that a transparent supply chain is only part of the solution - consumers need to be able to trust food production again.

How We Do it

It starts with a "no obligation" conversation - we want to know if we are the best people to help you.
We then undertake an assessment - information from the assessment tells us about your systems status, your trading goals and your aspirations.
A proposal is then drawn up which highlights key milestones, perhaps including Centre member status.
We then start our food integrity mission together.
We can provide the following expertise:

  • food safety,
  • supply chain audits,
  • traceability and origin advice,
  • fraud deterrence,
  • international networks,
  • crisis management and recall advice,
  • sustainability assistance,
  • marketing strategy,
  • market positioning,
  • food safety education,
  • food safety mentoring, 
  • premises audit and risk analysis.